Career + Lifestyle Design

Uncover your with it what you will.

Why we do.

You are the inspiration.

Because you're here for the bigger thing. 

For you, it's not just about you.

And you're ahead of your time.

Even if you don't say those words aloud.

A part of you knows that.

You're here for the revolution.

With loving leadership...and ferocity, too.

In the times you lack clarity, and feel stuck,

a part of you knows.

You are led.

I am here for your access to that knowing.

In service to your connection with yourself.

Not your ego's idea of what your career or life should look like.

Life's knowing.

It's about stepping up to that.

And yes, doing so naturally results in the things you want, whether you want more leadership, balance, money, love, influence, sex, fun, or joy. 

You want them all, don't you?

I'm glad. That's what we're here for.

What we do.

Career and lifestyle design coaching. 

But really, it's about truth.

The most powerful, potent, joyous people I've known...whether execs at Fortune 100s or young entrepreneurs...have outstanding relationships with truth. 

Our work together cultivates your capacity for truth.

Get a feel on Instagram or LinkedIn.

I am in service to your fuller, more expansive self; to what life is asking of you. 

We don't hold back. There's nowhere I won't go, nothing I won't say to you. 

Our deepest work is in 9-month increments. 

Because 9 months is what it takes to create a new life. 

How we do.

After coaching thousands of people from 25 countries; C-level execs with billions in P&L to factory line workers new to the U.S.;

 I noticed that the things that we're societally "allowed" to talk about...are not the same things that are most impactful for shifting your career and life in a really satisfying direction. 

Here, we work deeply with those things. And yes, we can talk resumes, LinkedIn, interviewing, negotiation. All that practical stuff, too.

At its foundation, this work honors truth and effectiveness above perceived professionalism. And it requires far higher levels of personal responsibility than the world practices.


LESS, "This company is toxic." 

MORE "What are all the ways I ignored my knowing or self-abandoned that led to this situation?"

LESS "I am trapped in this job, it's awful."

MORE "What *part* of me likes to be a damsel or enjoys the sensation of bondage?"

LESS "XYZ person is always such a jerk."

MORE "How am I a jerk to them and to myself?

LESS "I don't know what I want."

MORE "How do I create the internal safety to be available to my knowing?"

LESS "My boss sucks."

MORE "What am I hiding?" 

LESS "I have imposter syndrome and I'm under-valued."

MORE "How am I perpetuating patriarchy and White supremacy within myself?"


in order to have better work, more impactful leadership, more money, more joy...whatever it is that you want.

You need to increase your capacity to tolerate both 

painful shedding (of identities, of old behaviors and ideas)

and throbbing aliveness (more access to your knowing, more capacity to receive and hold what you want).

We build community because there are very few people in the world doing this work. It's powerful when we get together.

Choices for Private and Private + Community Coaching are here.

Let's do it.

When you see the version of yourself that you become as a result of this'll understand why I'll thank you for the privilege of walking beside you.

Typical Outcomes:

Clarify your ideal work within 20 minutes.

Raises of 15-40%...or more, doing work that's more fun.

Feeling valued and respected by those you work with, your friends, family, new people you meet...and yourself.

Confidently talk about the thing you're afraid to talk about...the thing you're hung up on. Your layoff, your time off, your level of experience...within 30 minutes of bringing it up to me.

Uncover where you "went wrong" in the past...and KNOW that you have new tools that mean you never have to worry about it happening again.

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The Uber Pool of executive-level career and lifestyle design coaching. But way more fun. Choose to attend one or more of the 6+ community coaching sessions per month plus career development training and inspiring community. $75/month. Clarity on tap. Join here.