Emma Garrett Coaching

Life has better ideas than you do.

Why we do.

You are here for the bigger thing. 

It's not just about you.

You're ahead of your time.

Even if it doesn't look like it now.

Even if you would never say those words aloud.

A part of you knows that.

You're here for the revolution.

With loving leadership...and ferocity, too.

In the times you lack clarity, and feel stuck,

a part of you knows.

You are led.

I am here for your access to that knowing.

In service to your connection to yourself.

Not your ego's idea of what your career or life should look like.

Life's knowing.

It's about stepping up to that.

And yes, doing so naturally results in more leadership, money, love, influence, sex, fun, and joy.

What we do.

Career and lifestyle design coaching. 

But really, it's about truth.

The most powerful, potent, joyous people I've known...whether execs at Fortune 100s or young entrepreneurs...have outstanding relationships with truth.

They have access to and speak the truth about themselves and life. 

Our work together cultivates truth, expressed through these core commitments:

1. Full personal responsibility

2. Full expression

3. Body-based decision-making

We get weird with Career + Lifestyle Design.

Get a feel on Instagram or LinkedIn.

I am in service to your expression, to what life is asking of you. 

We don't hold back. There's nowhere I won't go, nothing I won't say to you. 

We work in 9-month programs.

Because that's how long it takes to create a new life.

How we do it.

In order to have better work, more impactful leadership, more money, more joy...whatever it is that you want.

You need to increase your capacity to tolerate both painful shedding and throbbing aliveness.

In order to enjoy a new life, you need to shed the things that are keeping you where you are. It can be brutal and it's deeply worth it. 

The process of shedding naturally creates space for what you want to come in. This part is about increasing your aliveness. When you are more turned on by life, you are magnetic to what you *really* want. 

We added community to this work because people asked, and because it is right. There are very few people in the world committed to personal responsibility, full expression, and body-based decision-making. It's powerful when we get together.

The next step is to schedule a clarity call, free here.

Corporate + Executive Intensive

Custom life and leadership design intensives with 2 in-person coaching days for you and your team.


Private + Community Coaching

Ten 1:1 Sessions + Community Coaching + Boulder Retreat

$5000; $4000 for alumni

Community Coaching

9-months to more aligned working and living + Boulder Retreat


Deep Dive

Clarity + Your Plan; 80-min 


Put clarity on your calendar.

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